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lasciare Send us a story, either orally through a recorded audio of a few minutes, or in written form, even anonymously if you prefer. You have complete freedom; the only requirement is that it must be a true story. It can be cheerful, dramatic, sad, funny, or hold deep significance for you.

The only mandatory field is the first one, the identity type. You can send text files such as: .doc, .txt, .pdf Compressed files: .zip, .rar Audio files: .ogg, .mp3, .m4a, .wav;

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True stories

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Web platform developed with the portion of funds allocated to Andrea D’Urso (Researcher in French Literature, DUMAS, UNISS)as the proposer of the laboratory for collecting 'True Stories of Sardinia' with the Marseille-based writer François Beaune, within the framework of the interdisciplinary research project DM 737/2021 'The governance of linguistic and cultural heritage for the sustainable development of destinations' (scientific coordinator: Prof. Federico Rotondo), funded by the NextGenerationEU program.


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